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About Ron's Bon Bons

My name is Ron Weiss, owner and creator of Ron’s Bonbons. I was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana and now live outside of Pittsburgh with my wife Barbara. We have two grown and successful sons who are both engineers.

My first memory of chocolate was when I was a young boy in New Orleans. My mom went to a shopping department store and brought back chunks of white chocolate from their speciality candy department. This was my first taste of fine chocolate and I was not only in heaven but I was hooked! Of course being from New Orleans it is hard not to get hooked on speciality foods and fine pastries and candies.

I have been in the bakery, pastry chef and chocolate profession for over 35 years. I owned my own bakery for approximately 25 of those years. I love to be creative with all types of textures and flavors. I constantly keep up my skills through my network of fine chocolatiers all over the world. It is a great passion of mine to create things that make people happy.

By starting Ron’s Bon Bons my dream is to fulfill that goal…to provide my customers with an experience that I had as a boy when my mom brought home that white chocolate.

Here’s to bringing you the best experience in artistic chocolates!!!

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