Create Your Own Box

Create Your Own Box

Our bonbons are shipped nationwide on Tuesdays. We use FedEx 2 Day Express shipping.Orders must be placed no later than midnight on Friday for shipping on Tuesday.

Pickup orders must be placed by Wednesday for pickup at Goodie Girls on Friday.We ship on Tuesday to ensure your delicate chocolates arrive by the weekend. We do not want your chocolates to sit in a shipping center over a weekend.

Create Your Own Box


Add a personalised message and select chocolates

Type your desired message below:

Please select flavor & 12 counts


You have the freedom to choose what flavors you want and the amount of each flavor.

  • You will have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t happy with our bonbons or service, we will either replace and refund your box of chocolates.

  • You can include a personalized message in your box to the recipient if used as a gift.
  • You will also receive in your box a picture menu card and description of each bonbon. That way you will know exactly what flavor is what.
  • On the outside back of your box all ingredients and allergens will be listed.
  • Orders will be shipped FedEx 2 Day Express delivery. Orders will be shipped on Monday and Tuesday to guarantee your chocolates will not be stuck over the weekend
  • Once received, store out of sunlight and consume for best experience within 1 week of delivery.
  • This box will contain any of our 12 feature flavors, which are:
  • Please click on flavors to see what allergens each flavor bonbon contains.